Truckers And Their Trucks

Truckers and their trucks are an essential part of modern life, without them, you would have nothing as everything that you have has been brought to you on a truck at some stage.

If you give it some thought, the clothes that you wear, the bricks that your house is built from, all the food that is in your fridge and even the fridge itself, are all items that have travelled on a truck from the place that they were made or grown to were you bought it.

Even your mobile phone that is probably made in China was packed in a box, that was put in another box, that was then put into a shipping container that was moved from the factory to a shipping port by a truck, then moved on a ship, by sea, to another shipping port, where it would have been loaded on to another truck and delivered to a warehouse. From the warehouse, it would have made its final journey to the shop where you bought it, and if you bought it online it would have been delivered to you at your address by another small truck or van.

As you can see everything from your daily pint of milk, your mail, your furniture, your PC to your car has at some stage travelled on a truck.

Then there are the drivers that drive these trucks all hours of the day and night just to get your goods to you.

You may think that the driver has got it easy sitting in a nice warm air-conditioned cab, but it is just not like that at all.

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