Tachograph Analytics, and What You Need To Know About Yours.

Transport companies use a tachograph analytics program for analysing your tachograph data, but most of them will not let you see it until you ask to see it, or you have been unfortunate enough to incur an infringement. A monthly tachograph calendar as shown in Tachomaster. Limited Information. The digital tachograph unit that is fitted […] Read more

When a Bus lane is Not a Bus Lane!

Bus lanes have time restrictions placed on them that are determined by a sign where the bus lane starts. A bus lane sign showing the operational times. When you see a bus lane coming up, you should look at the blue sign that is placed at the start, it will have a time stated as […] Read more

Back In 2007, I Had a Jack-Knife.

Back in February 2007, I had an accident that is known in the trade as a ‘jack-knife’. A ‘jack-knife’ is the folding of a unit and trailer so that it resembles a pocket knife and is caused by adverse road conditions, equipment failure or improper braking. A jack-knife truck. In my case, it was adverse […] Read more

A Drivers Nightmare, Stuck in a Serious Traffic Jam.

My day started off very early on a Tuesday morning, I was up at 04:00 hrs as I had a 05:45 hrs start from my depot in West London. I left home at around 04:50hrs and made the 18-mile journey into work. After booking in I was given a duty folder and the keys to […] Read more